Hank Lewandowski
Guitar, Keyboards, & Postal Pariah

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Hank, founding father of The SPUDS, grew up starry-eyed, seeking fame similar to that of his mentor, Eddie Guitar. As fate would have it, on one evening late in Eddie's career, and, after wiping a little puke from his mouth, Eddie advised Hank to instead pursue his vocation with the U.S. Postal Service. This, of course, broke Hank's heart, but eventually would only strengthen him - and the rest is history! Now, even more determined, Hank looks elsewhere: He currently aspires to play the congas like his latest hero, Desi Arnaz, Sr. So take that, Eddie!


Alias: "Hey You"
Date Of Birth: 6/19/55
Biggest Musical Influence: Stephen Foster & Tom Waits
Favorite Lunchmeat: Isaly's Chipped Chopped Ham
Best Line Heard At A SpudsShow: "My Dad Went To School With You"
Food Currently Found In Car: Burger King's Hash Browns
Cheese That Goes With Anything: Velveeta
Favorite Cover Song: Gates Of Steel
Favorite Breakfast: "Eggs, Sausage, Side Of Toast"
First Job: Paper Boy - Pittsburgh Press
Favorite Band: Devo
Favorite Bar: Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
Two People You'd Like To Have Dinner With: Lou Pappan & Aunt Sophie
Three Words To Describe You: Verbose, Copious, Profuse
Best Band Played With: Hip Waiters
Goal In Life: To Learn To Play A Musical Instrument
Dream Vacation: Mattecumbe: Big Sur, CA
People Would Be Surprised To Know: I'm Married With Children
Something You'll Always Find Under My Bed: Suzanne Sommers And Her Thigh Master
Favorite All-Time Pirate: Jose Pagan
Favorite All-Time Steeler: Bobby Walden
Greatest Lawrenceville Legend: Mark Lewandowski
Favorite All-Time Wrestler: Bruno Sammartino
And, Guiness Went Best With: My Son's Communion Party

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