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You have made it to the official home page of SPUDS, a rare group of very peculiar musicians born in, raised by, and playing for the wonderful people in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Tour Update

Fri Feb 16, 8:30pm

Eerie Christmas from Nippadu Records

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Everyone Needs a Sidekick

The Mighty Tim Pollock played the National Anthem and was spotted hangin' with Wiz Khalifa at The Pirates home finale, 2017.

Thirty Years and Counting

Jerry Cyg, SPUDS publicist and official photographer, celebrates his 30th year with the band.

Yes, thirty years ago, the SPUDS played their first Thanksgiving Eve show up at Jose & Tootie's bar in Bloomfield.

If you can take your eyes off the tiger, you'll realize Joe's the one on the left, with camera in tow.

Live From The Starlight

Joe Gets Eire

Bruno Sammartino

(Click to play Bruno's Song)

Bruno's Next Stop: The WWE Hall of Fame

Some SPUDS Cheer

Honoring Number Nine at PNC Park

We encourage you to enjoy

The Lawrenceville Historical Society

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