Joe Ziolkowski
Bass, Van Packing, & Refreshments

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As we all know, it has now been many years since Joe stopped co-producing records with his protégé, Quincy Jones - a testimony to Michael Jackson's turn-for-the-worse career. "I just had to cut the cord and move on with my other projects." Joe stays happy acquiring the latest innovations in musical equipment, producing the local talent around Pittsburgh and, when time allows, he stays humble while practicing his most relaxing hobby, bartending.


Alias: "Joe Zook"
Date Of Birth: 1/7/58
Biggest Musical Influence: Gus Dolphi
Favorite Lunchmeat: Jumbo - 69 Cent Lugger Bologna
Best Line Heard At A SpudsShow: "You Guys Are Like BIG TITS, Just Great!!!"
Food Currently Found In Car: One, Stepped-On Tootsie Roll
Cheese That Goes With Anything: Brick
Favorite Breakfast: Saint Ambrose Oatmeal Stout
First Job: Waiter - Camp Trees
Favorite Band: Bare Naked Ladies
Favorite Bar: Jimmy's (The Real Last Bar On Earth)
Two People You'd Like To Have Dinner With: Michael Nesmith & Charo
Best Band Played With: The Kumkwats
Goal In Life: To Keep (Bob) Hope Alive
Dream Vacation: Where The Vegetables Are Green, And You Can Pee Right Into The Stream (And That's Important)
People Would Be Surprised To Know: I Was Asked To Leave A Friend's Surprise Birthday Party By His Fiancee'
Something You'll Always Find Under My Bed: Shoes And Dust Bunnies
Favorite All-Time Pirate: Manny Sanguillen
Favorite All-Time Steeler: Ray Mansfield
Greatest Lawrenceville Legend: Charles Young (Chuckie Boom Boom)
Favorite All-Time Wrestler: Charles Young
And, Guiness Goes Best With: More Guiness

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