Mark Lewandowski
Vocals & Bar Stool Acrobatics

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Now enjoying the revenues brought forth from introducing The Stinga (a Midwest appertif) to the modern world, Mark has developed a special taste for politics as well as education - he just wishes one could link the two. Due to his civil devotedness, Mark has more recently become a symbol of the common man.
On February 28, 1996 the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Ridge, signed into law a measure that makes lewd behavior and nude dancing illegal in so-called bottle clubs. The law took effect April 23, 1996. Under provisions of ACT 7, bottle club performers will be barred from showing Any portion of the pubic area, anus, genitals, any portion of the female breast directly or laterally below the top of the areola, cleft of the buttocks, and the vulva. When asked about how this will affect future SpudShows, lead singer, Mark Lewandowski replied, "It won't bother me none.......'cause I drive a Chevy!!!"


Alias: "Let's Go"
Date Of Birth: 6/25/58
Biggest Musical Influence: My Brother, Two Tone Music
Favorite Lunchmeat: Center Cut Jumbo
Best Line Heard At A SpudsShow: "He's On Something"
Food Currently Found In Car: Sheetz Hot Dog
Cheese That Goes With Anything: Cottage
Favorite Cover Song: Everywhere That I'm Not
Favorite Breakfast: Club Raven - Erie, PA (Before It Caught Fire)
First Job: Paper Boy - Pittsburgh Press
Favorite Band: Ploughman's Lunch
Favorite Bar: Sharp Edge, East Liberty
Two People You'd Like To Have Dinner With: My Grandma
Three Words To Describe You: Flatulent, Humorous, Growing
Best Band Played With: Beat Farmers
Goal In Life: To Live In A House With A Walk-In Toilet
Dream Vacation: Pub Crawl In Northern England
People Would Be Surprised To Know: That I Read Newspapers Religiously
Something You'll Always Find Under My Bed: Dust
Favorite All-Time Pirate: Dan Clendenon
Favorite All-Time Steeler: Jack Lambert
Greatest Lawrenceville Legend: Henry "KIMO-SABE" Nickels
Favorite All-Time Wrestler: Bruno Samartino
And, Guiness Goes Best With: Air (That's All!)

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