Paul Zyglowicz
Guitar & Vocals On Demand

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No longer entertaining the kids at Three Rivers Stadium between innings, Paul threw away his childhood dream as a Baseball Clown ever since he learned how to stalk British royalty. In his spare time, Paul is Pittsburgh's only speaking mime and also maintains The SPUDS Historical Museum, a non-profit organization which cares for its noteworthy collection of all SPUDS' past musical instruments: a one-of-a-kind ensemble whose presence once reduced John Entwhistle to tears.


Alias: "Precious Paul"
Date Of Birth: 2/1/58
Favorite Band: Stiff Legged Sheep
Three Words To Describe You: Never Walk Alone
Best Band Played With: Dick Denim
Goal In Life: To Be Able To Jump Fart
Dream Vacation: )----(
People Would Be Surprised To Know: I'm The Unabomber
What You'll Always Find Under My Bed: Me
Favorite All-Time Pirate: Tommy Prince
Greatest Lawrenceville Legend: Eddie Guitar
Favorite All-Time Wrestler: Bruno
And, Guiness Goes Best With: Guiness

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