Tim Moriarity
Heir To The Drum Throne

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Having returned suddenly from his duties abroad as Trommel Direktor of The Austrian Music Conservatory of Salzburg, Tim Moriarity is glad to be playing with the SPUDS once again. When asked what brought him back to the states, Tim replied, "Salzburg is such a beautiful place, you know - all times of the year. Oh, the lovely women! The wonderful firing ranges! I just couldn't find any Guinney!"


Alias: Harvey Corman
Biggest Musical Influences: Tim Pollock, Box Car Willie
Favorite Lunchmeat: Honeyloaf
Best Line Heard at a SPUDS show: "One Pint...that will be $5 please !"
Food Found in car now: Arch Deluxe...w/out bacon
Cheese that goes with anything: Bloody American....of course
Favorite Cover Song: Downtown Train-- Patty Smyth
Favorite Breakfast: Eggs, Spam, Spam, Eggs & Spam.
D.O.B.: 2-19-66
First Job: lifeguard-waterslide
Favorite Band: Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Favorite Bar: The Sharp Edge
2 People you'd like to have dinner with: Thomas Jefferson & Fred Couples
3 Words to describe you: witty, taxing, loyal
Best Band Played with: Brutal Pigeons
Goal in Life: Make a million in a year
Dream Vacation: 2 weeks in Dublin...no plans, just pub crawling.
People would be suprised to know: E=MC+2
Something you'll always find under my bed: old socks
Favorite All-Time Pirate: Manny Sanguillen
Favorite Steeler: Mark Malone
Greatest Lawrenceville Legend: Joe Gooch
Favorite All-Time Wrestler: Dusty Rhodes
Guiness Goes Best With: ME

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